Plastic Recycling Center

If you have empty plastic containers lying around your home or business, Corridor Recycling is the smart solution. Our recycling centers are your go-to source for all your recycling needs, including everything from milk jugs to plastic crates and totes. We make glass recycling in Long Beach, CA, convenient, so you can save time while saving the planet. When you have old plastic containers you need to dispose of, Corridor Recycling is here to help.

Some of Our Clients

Plastic recycle at Corridor Recycling

Plastic is one of the biggest challenges facing our environment. While plastic containers take a long time to break down in landfills, plastic recycling is an excellent alternative. At Corridor Recycling, we recycle your old plastic containers so they can be turned into everything from recycled plastic containers to car parts.

We believe recycling should be easy, so we eliminate the hassle of plastic recycling in Long Beach, CA. We accept several types of plastic containers — including milk jugs, crates, bags, totes, shrink wrap, and pallets. We can even help you unload your recycling so you don’t have to do it all by hand.

We Recycle Plastic for Businesses

Does your business generate more plastic recycling than you can handle? Fortunately, Corridor Recycling also offers plastic recycling for businesses. From pallets and shrink wrap to crates and totes, we can help you get rid of the empty plastic containers that are getting in the way of work.

Whether you’re bringing in a few plastic containers each week or a truckload of plastic every month, we’ve got you covered. We even offer collection equipment that makes it easy to load up your recyclable plastic, and we can help you choose the right container size for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plastic can be recycled?
We recycle several types of plastic at Corridor Recycling, including plastic crates, pallets, shrink wrap, milk jugs, and plastic bottles. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we do our best to offer full-service plastic recycling that covers all the bases.
Do you accept CRV plastic containers?
Absolutely! If you have CRV plastic containers you need to get rid of, bring them to Corridor Recycling and we’ll take care of them. You’ll even get $0.05 for small containers and $0.10 for large containers, so recycling old plastic containers can be rewarding.
Is plastic recycling near me sustainable?
Plastic recycling is a key part of preserving the planet. Instead of creating more single-use plastic, recycling allows us to turn old plastic containers and bags into new products — which saves money and prevents pollution.
Can you recycle other types of plastic?
There are many types of recyclable plastic, but we can’t accept everything at our Long Beach plastic recycling center. If you don’t see a particular type of plastic bag or container listed, contact us and we’ll let you know if we can accept it.
Do I need to rinse plastic containers before visiting your recycling center?
Cleaning recyclable materials is part of the recycling process, but you can help. We ask that you rinse your plastic containers before bringing them to a recycling center because it makes them easier to recycle.

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