Metal Recycling Center

Corridor Recycling can help you make the most out of all your old metal scraps. There’s no reason to have a bunch of scrap metal lying around, so bring your scraps to Corridor Recycling and get paid for them. We make it easy to recycle all sorts of old scrap metal, and we can even pay for certain types. Whether you’ve got old appliances, kitchen equipment, or a bin full of nuts and bolts, our metal recycling center is here to help. Bring all your old scrap metal to Corridor Recycling and get rid of your old junk while putting a little cash back in your pocket.

Some of Our Clients

Metal recycle at Corridor Recycling

Metal is just one of the many materials we recycle at Corridor Recycling. If you have cardboard, electronics, paper, glass, or plastic, we can take care of that too. When you visit our metal recycling center, bring anything else you need to recycle and we’ll get rid of all your old junk. We can even recycle all your California Redemption Value (CRV) cans and bottles, so you can recycle while making some extra cash. Keep in mind that we can’t recycle certain types of electronics and other materials. You can throw food-contaminated paper and cardboard in your compost bin, and old electronics that contain dangerous materials should go to hazardous waste collection centers.

We Recycle Metal for Businesses

Is collecting scrap metal a routine part of doing business for you? Whether you do home remodels, new construction, junk removal, or appliance repair, our metal recycling center is the easiest way to get rid of all the scraps you collect. We even have collection equipment available, which means you can keep all your scrap metal organized and get it picked up on a regular schedule. As a full-scale recycling center, we’re equipped to deal with large amounts of scrap metal. We can even help you unload everything so you can get back to business as usual. Give us a call to learn more about our commercial metal recycling services and how we can help your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of metal do you accept?
We accept several different types of metal, including copper, brass, cast iron, stainless steel, metal beams, car rims, car radiators, old machinery and appliances, and even metal shelves and racks. You can check out our website or contact us to find out if we can recycle your metal scraps.
Do you pay for scrap metal?
If you have old scrap metal you want to get rid of, we can help you convert it to cash. Corridor Recycling can pay you for your scrap metal, including copper pipes. If you’re a plumber or recently had your house remodeled, bring us your scraps and we’ll pay you for them.
Can you help unload scrap metal?
The team at Corridor Recycling is more than happy to help you unload your scrap metal to get it recycled. We know how heavy copper and steel scraps can be, especially when you’ve got a truckload. All you have to worry about is parking your vehicle and letting us take care of the rest.
Is dirty or corroded metal recyclable?
We can recycle most metal even if it’s dirty or corroded. Scrap metal can usually be cleaned up for recycling purposes, but keep in mind that scrap metal prices may be lower for low-quality metal. In rare cases, we might not be able to accept certain appliances and other metal products that are too rusted and corroded.
What household items contain recyclable metal?
There are all sorts of things in the average household that you can bring to our metal recycling center. We can recycle your old appliances so the metal can be reused, but we can also take small stuff like tin cans, foil, and nuts and bolts. You can even recycle your old cast iron pans. If you’re not sure, you can always give us a call.

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