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Get rid of your old electronics with the help of Corridor Recycling. Electronics are one of the most important recyclables because they contain so many valuable materials. When you recycle your old computer or flat-screen TV, the precious metals and electrical parts can be recycled and reused for new TVs, cell phones, and other devices. With Corridor Recycling, you can safely and conveniently recycle all of your electronics at our electronics recycling center. If you’re upgrading your devices and need to get rid of an old TV, monitor, or computer, give Corridor Recycling a call and we’ll take care of everything.

Some of Our Clients

Electronics recycle at Corridor Recycling

Electronics aren’t the only thing we recycle at Corridor Recycling. In addition to our electronics recycling center, we can also recycle things like glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, and paper. Our Long Beach recycling center is your one-stop shop when your recycling starts to pile up. If you’re bringing in appliances and other scrap metal, you can even get paid for recycling. Keep in mind that there are some specific items we can’t accept. We can’t accept older electronics that may contain dangerous materials, and food-contaminated cardboard should go in your compost bin. If you’ve got recycling and you’re not sure if we accept it, contact us or visit our recycling center to learn more.

We Recycle Electronics for Businesses

You can generate a lot of e-waste when you run a business. If you recently replaced dozens of computers and monitors in your office, you’ve got a lot of stuff to recycle. Even old keyboards and mice can take up a lot of space. When you upgrade your computers and other electronics, Corridor Recycling can help you make sure you’re recycling everything the right way. Our electronics recycling center takes the hassle out of recycling old electronics. We can help you get everything unloaded from your car and truck, then we can figure out what can be recycled. All you have to worry about is loading up your old electronics and visiting our recycling center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to throw away old electronics?
In California, it’s illegal to throw several types of electronic waste in the garbage. Electronic waste can be recycled and repurposed, so recycling is always encouraged even for products that you can throw away. If you’re not sure if you should throw something away or recycle it, call our electronics recycling center.
What’s e-waste used for?
Electronic waste, or e-waste, is valuable because there are several usable resources in most electronics. The electronics you use on a daily basis contain small amounts of rare metals that can be recycled and reused in other electronics, which is crucial because there’s a limited quantity of these materials.
What electronics does Corridor Recycling accept?
Our electronics recycling center can recycle all sorts of electronics, including things like computers, laptops, keyboards and mice, computer monitors, TVs, cell phones, circuit boards, and cables and wires. If you’re not sure if we can accept your old electronics, you can always contact us and ask before you come in.
Do you accept appliances?
Absolutely! We can recycle the electrical components from appliances as well as the metal, so we gladly accept them. Even if you have old appliances that don’t have many electrical components, we can still use them for scrap metal and get you paid for your old junk.
Are old electronics recyclable?
Most electronics are recyclable in some form. You might think your old flat-screen TV isn’t recyclable just because it’s not as thin as the newer models, or maybe you have an old CRT computer monitor. We can recycle most old and new electronics, but you can always give us a call if you want to ask about something ahead of time.

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