Cardboard Recycling Center

Corridor Recycling is your one-stop shop for cardboard recycling. Everyone uses cardboard boxes, but you don’t want old boxes piling up in your home or warehouse. Lucky for you, you can get rid of all your old cardboard at our cardboard recycling center. Corridor Recycling is a leading provider of recycling services in Southern California, offering comprehensive solutions to residential and commercial customers. Whether we’re collecting your recycling or you’re dropping it off at our cardboard recycling center, we’re here to help. Next time you have a pile of cardboard boxes you need to get rid of, come to Corridor Recycling in Long Beach.

Some of Our Clients

Cardboard recycle at Corridor Recycling

No matter what you need to recycle, Corridor Recycling is the simple solution. We can help you safely recycle everything from cardboard and paper to glass, metal, and plastic. Our cardboard recycling center is equipped to handle various materials, and we can even pay you for your old scrap metal. If you’ve got old electronics or appliances, we can help you get rid of those too. We do our best to provide full-scale recycling solutions for residential and commercial customers in Long Beach. If you’re not sure if you can recycle something, give us a call to find out before you visit our recycling center.

We Recycle Cardboard for Businesses

From massive warehouses to small convenience stores and offices, most businesses generate a lot of cardboard and paper waste. If you’ve got a pile of old boxes stashed away in the back of your store, Corridor Recycling can help you get rid of them. We offer cardboard recycling solutions for businesses that can help you save time and money, so you can spend more time focusing on your business. With our recycling and collection equipment, you have a convenient spot where you can stash all your cardboard until recycling day. We can even collect your recycling on a regular schedule so you save even more time. Whether you run a store, a warehouse, or a small office, Corridor Recycling can help you find the best commercial cardboard recycling solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pick up my cardboard recycling?
Corridor Recycling offers collection equipment for businesses, so you can fill a dumpster with cardboard and paper and wait for us to pick it up. We have several options when it comes to collection equipment, including our 3-yard bin, 40-yard bin, and simple desk-side recycling boxes.
What’s recycled cardboard used for?
The cardboard we recycle is used in lots of things. Recycled cardboard can be used to make chipboard, which is the material that’s used for things like cereal and cracker boxes. Cardboard can also be recycled into paper products like paper towels. Some recycled cardboard is even used to create more corrugated cardboard boxes.
Can all cardboard be recycled?
You can recycle most cardboard, but there are a few exceptions. We can’t accept certain types of cardboard, and food-contaminated cardboard should be thrown in your compost bin as long as there’s no tape or plastic on it. If you’re not sure if we accept a specific type of cardboard, give us a call and we’ll help you out.
Do you offer recycling equipment?
Corridor Recycling offers several types of recycling equipment for our commercial customers. You can rent a vertical or horizontal baler so it’s easier to deal with paper and cardboard, and we even have trash compactors. You can contact us through our website or call us to learn more about our recycling equipment.
Can I save money by recycling cardboard?
Our cardboard recycling center can actually help you save money in the long run. If you’re throwing away bulky cardboard boxes, you’re wasting a lot of dumpster space and probably renting a bigger dumpster than you need. Separating your cardboard and recycling it means you don’t have to pay for an oversized dumpster.

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